Beauty Product Study

Learning about different methods of engagement with Beauty Products to understand any current unmet needs. 



The design team from a large beauty corporation came to gotoresearch [a design consultancy in San Francisco] with a need to understand how, why, and when they interact with beauty products both online and offline.  Our client wanted to uncover their users goals and any unmet needs they might have while engaging with beauty related content.  



    • Identify interaction behaviors and unmet needs around participating in online communities.
    • Identify opportunities to better engage users in active participation in community activities.
    • Identify differentiating behaviors and thinking styles to form behavioral segments and journeys.
    Agile research plan. 

    Agile research plan. 



    • 75-minute remote interview sessions with each user
    • 17 participants interviewed
    • 8 users participated in a 3-week diary study
    • 3 users participated in 30-minute closing interviews
    • Behavioral Spectra 
    • Affinity Mapping 
    • Journey Maps 
    Behavioral spectra used to identify clusters of behaviors.

    Behavioral spectra used to identify clusters of behaviors.


    We provided our client with a review of the different community interaction behaviors as well as feedback on some new concepts.  For our deliverables we provided our clients with behavioral one sheets that identified 4 distinct forms of engagement with beauty products as well as journey maps for the different behvavioral groups.  The behavioral one-sheets were intended to be used when introducing designers as well as when making improvements to there new community expereince.