GoPro Usability Plan



GoPro was designing and developing a new software solution that allowed users to place telemetry overlays on there videos. These overlays showed statistics such as speed, elevation gain, and routes. The team wanted to ensure that the latest build was heading in the right direction since it was a new feature.  As an in house researcher I worked with designers and product managers to define the criteria and goals of the usability testing


The questions that the team wanted to answer during the testing were as follows:

  • Do users understand the feature?
  • Do they know where to access it?
  • Do users know how to make a clip and what happens after telemetry is added?
  • How easy is it to find telemetry within GoPro Desktop App?
  • In general where are users stumbling?


Since the build was extremely new, the most difficult part was finding users who had the latest camera released a little under a month ago.  While finalizing the criteria for the testing my contract with GoPro ended before formal testing could be conducted.