Sumbon is a donation platform helping create a community among those who love to give back. I collaborated with another designer to design an experience centered around engaging donors and non-profits. We were tasked with designing the second iteration of the online experience that would allow donors and non-profits to set-up a profile and learn more about Sumbon.


The questions that the team wanted to answer during the testing were as follows:

  • Learn and understand who are the users

  • Develop a style guide and brand that communicates the products values

  • Create a seamless On-boarding experience for Donors and Non-profits

  • Design an introduction website as a place for investors to learn more about the product


Collaborating with the founder and another UX Designer we successfully created a style guide and a base understanding of our users. We developed the first iteration of the platform and the visual design for the landing page. Since this was the first iteration of the platform my team wanted to ensure that we were designing a great experience while also helping the founder piece together his vision for the project.